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Simele is a music production facility, run by Jesper Andersen. Simele is run out of interest and love for music of various  categories and styles. Simele offers services such as production, mixing and mastering. In the past, Jesper (me) has been working with the national Danish radio on various radio shows and album concepts. This was the launching pad for Simele,  which in 2003 was turbo charged when Jesper recieved a Danish Grammy.

Recieved a Danish Music Award in 2003 for childrens album of the year - for the album "Ruben - Drengen der kan tale med ting".
The album also recieved the DR price same year.

    * Caufield - I love the future!
    * The JohnDoe Search - Mach 1
    * Ruben - Drengen der kan tale med ting
    * Villys jul



Speed / Vi er røde, Vi er blå / Kold - Simon Kvamm

Bløde pakker - Maya Albana

Enden på Livets efterår - Tanja Thulau

Free - Drivers

Truck'n - Johan Stahl

Nik med grødnakken - Jonny Hefty


A Sudden Outburst - The JohnDoe Search

Unite - Yellowish

Shame - Caufield


The Lips / Caufield / Simon Kvamm / JohnDoe Search / Maya Albana / Drivers  / Humor Polizei / Tue West

Michael Møller / Peter Belli / Tanja Thulau / Jonny Hefty / Jøden / Lone Kellermann / Johan Stahl

Jimmy Jørgensen / Lars Brygmann / Rune Tolsgaard / Esben Pretzmann / Jacob Andersen

The John Dub Search
In the studio right now:  The JohnDub Search




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